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Why lifestyle content is important for brands

As marketeers it’s our job to advertise a product or a brand to the masses, but what we sometimes forget is that we also need to be engaging. One of best and easiest ways to do this is to use more lifestyle content, that could be videos, images or written content.

Lifestyle content allows you to talk to your consumers on their level without the constant hard sell. It brings your brand personality to life and showcases your values as a business.

The easiest way to create lifestyle content is to build brand personas. What do you already know about your customers? Do they have certain interests that you can tap into and relate with?

Setting out content themes will also help when introducing lifestyle content to your strategy. Not only will it make it easier to think up great ideas, it will also add more structure to your plan and ensure you’re reaching your key audience based on their interests.

With the themes in mind it’s important to tap into the emotions of your customers, how will your content make them feel? 

If resources are scarce don’t worry, you can easily use stock imagery sites and download relevant content from there or you can even use UGC. No one is a better brand advocate than your own consumer. Another easy and less time-consuming way to create lifestyle content is to use Instagram Stories. Stories is a great way to showcase what your brand is all about without the expectation of producing high-end content, people associate Stories with authentic, ‘in the moment’ content.

Ultimately, if you want to sell a product to someone, you first have to become a brand they believe in and trust. Lifestyle content can increase reach, capture attention and show your fans that you can relate to them. Is it time you added it to your social media strategy?

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