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Top Keyword Research Mistakes To Avoid

If you are working in a digital marketing firm, you have probably faced or heard about keyword research. In this content, we will discuss some of the commonest keyword research mistakes that you should refrain from committing. Take a look –

Being Inaccurate

When you are researching keywords, you would automatically start with the main products. For instance, you are searching for keywords for a car brand. It makes sense to start the research with ‘Cars’ through the keyword research tool you are using. But, is it enough? As per the best SEO company in Chennai, only because you are seeking something in your own unique way, it does not actually mean that everyone else does the same. There are a few other ways to ace the deal. For example, with cars, you may search for keywords like ‘cleaning services,’ ‘maintenance’, etc. Thus, by being thorough with the keywords, you will be able to enhance traffic.

User Intent

According to the best content marketing companies, if you don’t check the user intent of keywords, you might end up producing more contents than what you require. You may also have to grapple with SERP cannibalization issues by spreading the contents inappropriately. For an instance, if you are selling truck insurances, then you should avoid the glitch of optimizing it for ‘vehicle insurance.’ If you opt for a quick SERP check, you would find that almost all the results are vehicle-specific. Hence, you would have a very thin chance of ranking on the Google SERP.

Restricting to the Competitors

Paying a constant heed at what your competitors are doing is okay, but mimicking their strategies is a folly. According to the best Search Engine Optimization strategies, you should not just count on your competitors to figure out the content gaps for conducting a keyword research. Rather, consider keyword research just as an initial point. It will help you seize the best of keyword research opportunities.


To acquire a more satisfying result in keyword research, rely on some other ranking factors such as anchor text optimization, Internal linking, URL structure, content structure, JavaScript limitation, user journey, etc.

Consider the aforementioned factors when you are conducting a research on keywords for your website. By paying heed to the user intent and analyzing your competitors, you can avoid keyword research mistakes to a great extent.

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Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing and forms the basis of good optimization of a website. There are several factors that needs to be considered while conducting keyword research and the blog lists few mistakes that should be avoided while doing it.
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