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Invest in User Experience Design of Your Website to Boost Conversions

In the face of increasing competition and copycat products that are increasing the clutter and brand noise in the market, the website is an important tool for brands to drive traffic, improve engagement and multiply conversions. Earlier, websites would be judged only on the basis of their layout, tidiness, colours and so on. Not anymore! Today, websites are judged on the basis of 3 factors: time cost, hassle cost and money cost. All these factors have a great impact on the user experience.

Data suggest that 88% users do not go back to a website after one bad experience and more than 80% will leave the website and find the information/product from another website if they have a bad experience. Statistics also suggest that large proportions of users abandon tasks mid-way if the site is not optimized for mobile.

How Should The Website Design Be?

The website design must focus on reducing the time, hassle and money cost to customers and must create supreme, seamless and consistent user experience. Investing in the user experience design will help sky-rocket your conversions and ROI. You can hire and leverage the expertise of website design companies in India to aid you with this.

Simple Tips for a Great User Experience Design:

• Make sure your branding is consistent across the website and all the content reflects your brand tone.
• Customize the website to match your brand personality and resonate better with your target audience.
• Be minimalistic. Remember “less is more”.
• Focus on ease of use and navigation.
• Create powerful landing pages with a clear message.
• Make your Call-To-Action (CTA) clear, visible and powerful.
• Utilize white spaces to make important messages and CTAs visible.
• Changes and new features must be made only after research and A/B testing to ensure you are not hampering the user experience.

Does all this seem daunting? Fret not! There are digital marketing and website design companies like Evolve Media Solutions to provide custom web design services in India. We will help you create a website that delivers the best user experience in the most budget-friendly way possible. Get in touch with us now.

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