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How Facebook Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

Out of the 4 billion internet users globally, over 2.2 billion actively use Facebook, making it the biggest social media platform globally. Even when we look at the demographic variation of Facebook users, it is clearly visible that it is as popular among senior citizens as it is among young teenagers. Brands will automatically want to have a presence where there are so many users who could potentially become customers. This is why Facebook marketing has been popular among brands across the globe and data suggests 80 million businesses have some form of presence on Facebook as of 2018. It is an integral part of every sound marketing strategy to build brand awareness and loyalty, generate leads and engage with customers. Despite apprehensions among some marketers and brands that Facebook may not be suitable for B2B marketing or that organic reach has become negligible owing to algorithm changes, it still reigns supreme as far as social media marketing is considered.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing for Your Business

Greater brand awareness and loyalty: Amidst the increasing clutter and copy-cat products flooding the market, it is only through great brand-building activities that you can break the clutter, gain visibility and make your brand’s voice heard. Facebook offers a great platform for paid as well as organic brand-building activities. Enlist the services of firms that specialize in internet marketing service India like Evolve Media Solutions to achieve greater brand awareness and loyalty on Facebook.

Upon reaching more people with your unique brand identity, you can also drive web traffic and lead generation on your website through sponsored posts or organically through Facebook groups and influencer marketing that will direct more target audiences to your website.

Strengthen customer engagement: Facebook gives brands a great platform to strengthen the way they engage with their existing customers and target audiences. It enables you to post engaging and well-thought content textual and visual, have exclusive groups and pages for your brand where the audience can engage with the brand and fellow users, engage with customers through Facebook Live and so on. You can also educate your new customers with innovative video and other visual content posted on your pages. This way you can keep your audiences interested and warm, build trust and go beyond making only sales pitches. Digital marketing firms like Evolve Media Solutions that specialize in social media marketing services can help you in strengthening customer engagement with Facebook.

Higher conversions and revenue generation: It is a great platform to engage in hyper-personalization, advanced targeting and re-marketing to warm leads, track customer journey,etc. for higher conversions and revenue generation.

Customer support: Facebook gives you several options when it comes to customer support and service. You can use conversational messenger bots, human interaction through Facebook Messenger, FB pages and groups to get feedback from customers, quickly respond to their feedback and queries and provide any other service required by customers. This way you can build a strong rapport with your customers.

Useful insights: Finally, you can leverage the invaluable insights from Facebook Analytics to better understand and strategize.

You want to leverage the advantages of Facebook marketing and make your brand shine amidst the clutter and noise in the marketspace while focusing on your core business activities, but are not sure how? Well. Look no further. Evolve media solutions with its team of experienced professionals who specialize in social media marketing services is here to provide you with customized and effective, yet affordable solutions and internet marketing service in India. Contact us now.

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