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Getting Social Media Marketing Right: A Guide for Budding Businesses


Social media marketing has come to occupy an important place in marketing today because target audiences can be reached easily, and the brand can engage with them in a more effective manner through social media platforms. If done right, social media marketing will help brands to break the clutter and drive more traffic.

Budding businesses often find social media marketing intimidating and have difficulty wrapping their heads around it.

Don’t worry. We understand, and we are here to help. The below guide will be helpful in getting the basic right. For the rest, you can always outsource it to experts like Evolve, a social media marketing agency in India.

Choose the Right Platforms

There are several social media platforms. But it is not necessary for you to use all of them. Choose only those platforms that are suitable for the needs of your business and the industry you operate in as well as where it would be best to engage with target audiences.

Chalk Out a Clear Content Strategy and Content Calendar

You cannot blast out content as and when you please. There must be a well-thought content strategy and also, a content calendar. The content strategy must define the goals and purpose of your different social media profiles, the kind and length of content you will post to them based on what your target audiences will want to consume, etc. The calendar must give you clarity on when, what and where to post different content.

Consistent Brand Voice

It is crucial to find your unique brand voice and tonality and maintain it across different platforms and all content.

Customer Engagement

Social media marketing provides the right space for you to engage with customers and target audiences. So, don’t do all the talking always. Give opportunities for them to speak to you and post content. You can also repost and publish user-generated content, interact with customers and so on, but be regular and consistent with this. Also, be responsive to feedback, especially negative ones.

Leverage Analytics

To understand levels of engagements, best and worst performing posts, etc.

If things are still intimidating, get in touch with our experts at Evolve Media Solutions, an internet marketing agency that provides pocket-friendly and customized social media marketing services in Chennai and across India. We will take care of your social media marketing while you can focus on core business.

Getting Social Media Marketing Right: A Guide for Budding Businesses
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Getting Social Media Marketing Right: A Guide for Budding Businesses
How right social media marketing can help in the growth of your business.
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