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Social Media Campaign Template: Here’s How to Plan

Social Media Campaign Template: Here is how we do it

So, do you have an idea brewing for a social media campaign? If this is one of your first campaigns or you’re in the beginning stages of your campaign set-up, it can all seem a little daunting!

Where do you start? What did you forget? Where should your focus be? Regardless of the type of campaign, each one requires careful planning and finesse. It’s a representation of your brand, ultimately formed to accomplish some sort of goal.


Here is how we plan social media campaigns…

So, what’s the most important part of building a social media campaign?

Planning. Hands down.Not just planning prior to the campaign, but planning that will be consistently molded throughout the campaign and even when it’s finished. Campaign planning is not always an easy task! It’s not only strategic in nature but is also largely creative in forming ideas and building content.

#1 Preparing social media campaign

This section of our template is an outline of the specific elements that will shape your vision, such as:

  • Identifying a primary goal,
  • Determining your core audience, and
  • Dishing out responsibilities within your team.

What is your campaign about?

This is where our creativity begins to unfold! The very inception of the idea that has sparked your entire campaign. You might already have one, or it might be time to brainstorm.

When brainstorming a campaign idea, it can be helpful to ask yourself a few leading questions, like:

  • Do we have any news or information to provide our fan base?
  • What do our fans want from us?
  • What kind of message do we want to put out into the world?

Hopefully, from there, you get an inkling of the theme behind your campaign, whether it’s celebrating a new trend, promoting a recent product or building a deeper connection with your audience.

What is your primary goal?

Behind every idea should be a central goal. Setting a strong goal gives you a clear direction to work towards, which should, in turn, make the rest of the content creation process much easier.

Here are some examples:

  • Gain [x amount] followers on [social media platform name]
  • Sell [x amount] of [product name]
  • Drive [x amount] of new leads
  • Get [x amount] of signups/attendance for an event

What campaigns inspire you?

Finding inspiration in campaigns from brands you admire can spark a whole new world of possibilities for your budding campaign!

#2 Execute the social media campaign

The execution stage is where the magic happens, and where your hard work comes to fruition.

Here are some key checklist items for you to consider from the ‘Execution’ section:

Create an editorial calendar

Yet another brilliant organizational tool … the editorial calendar! An editorial calendar, simply stated, provides an at-a-glance look at what content is scheduled to go live on which days.

Develop and schedule content

The bulk of our work is going to come in at this point … but it’s the fun kind of work. Here’s what we’re talking about:


  • Determining campaign slogans, hashtags and other copywriting
  • Selecting colors (if different than brand colors)
  • Images and design elements

Content creation

  • Designing ads and banners
  • Writing blogs, articles and post copy
  • Creating videos

#3 Assess the results of your social media campaign

Perhaps the most important part of any campaign is analyzing your results and making changes for next time. We assess how the campaign is going while it’s still happening, and carve out an adequate amount of time after the end of every campaign to analyze the full scope of results.

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