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Crafting Emails That Convert: 6 Simple Tricks for Effective Email Marketing

Top marketers around the globe consider email marketing to be one of the best forms of digital marketing despite the emergence of several social media platforms. Three reasons for this: Emails are owned media, emails have the highest usage on both mobile and computers and emails are more trusted by customers in comparison to other platforms. In addition, email marketing campaigns make money to the tune of thirty times the investment!

Having said this, we also need to note that nearly 205 billion emails are sent everyday which amounts to thousands of emails per customer/target audience. We may know from personal experience where most of these promotional emails go- to the spam!

To stand apart from the crowd and make your brand voice heard, you must craft emails that are effective and make your reader want to open, click and go to your website/landing page. Only such emails will lead to conversions. Word of caution – effective emails will promote clicks and direct traffic to your website, the website/ landing page should be effective to make the sale. Online marketing services in India like Evolve Media Solutions can aid you with both these endeavours and in making your overall marketing strategy effective.

6 Simple Tricks for Effective Email Campaigns

1. Even simple text-based emails without visuals will improve clicks if you have been consistent in sending useful information through email newsletter before sending the promotional one. By building a massive amount of credibility overtime this way, you gain the reader’s trust.

2. The tone of your emails must be personalized and compelling without getting salesy or creepy. The email should clearly state the value you are creating with your product or offer, without throwing in too many numbers and statistics.

3. Your repeat customers give you 5 times more business and revenue than others. Make sure to leverage emails for retaining these valuable customers instead of solely focusing on acquiring new customers.

4. Leverage emails for remarketing. For such emails, a little humour or some relevant offers and incentives are helpful in grabbing the attention of the reader to the abandoned cart.

5. The email subject line and call-to-action (CTA) tabs on your emails must be clear, powerful and compelling and so should the landing pages.

6. Most importantly, ensure your emails are relevant to the recipients and the language is understandable.

These do not need to intimidate you when you can hire Evolve Media Solutions to offer online marketing services in India and aid you, like a team member would, to craft powerful emails and customised websites that convert. Get in touch with us now and get web marketing services in Chennai, India or wherever you are in a budget-friendly manner!

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